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I love a good portabella mushroom. They are delicious on the grill. Their flavor is quite good and is very meaty. A few weeks ago I made a vegetarian version of meat and potatoes. It is a grilled portabella with garlic mashed cauliflower. The mashed cauliflower is a low carb version of mashed potatoes and just as delicious.

For the mushrooms, I usually just brush with evoo and season with salt and pepper. I have also used pesto and that tastes awesome as well. Then just grill for about 5 minutes per side. The last time I made these we were in the middle of a terrible monsoon so I roasted them in the oven instead. Use a high temp of 425 for about 20 minutes.

For the garlic mashed cauliflower this is the recipe I use…
A few things I change are I use more garlic and I saute it in butter. I also steam my cauliflower instead of boiling it. I do not use the cream cheese or chives. These are great and the best part is they are low carb!